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Planning A UK Civil Ceremony And Photography In Kent

One of the first things couples do when getting married is decide if they want to hold a civil ceremony. There are numerous wedding venues in Kent to choose from and a civil ceremony can take place in any premises or register office that holds a license to conduct a wedding under the Marriage Act.

What you may not know is that your choice of venue has to be permanent with a roof and not linked to a particular religion.

During a civil ceremony the vows which are spoken are often kept brief but couples are free to include their own readings if they are not linked to a religion. You may also select your own choice of music although technically, a license fee may be needed to broadcast it in a public space.

The main point of a Civil Ceremony is for both the bride and groom to declare that there is no lawful impediment to their marriage before signing the register in front of two nominated witnesses.

For the ceremony there are no laws to dictate what the bride and groom choose to wear.

In the UK, any marriage is required to give notice at the local register office no less than 15 days before the wedding date.

If you are unsure of where to find an approved venue for your ceremony a list is available from the General Register Office for a small charge.

The good news is that wedding photography during a Civil Ceremony is much more relaxed than during other options such as a Church wedding according to Kent Photographer, Lovepear Photography. Read more here – Often there is no issue with the wedding photographer using flash and few restrictions on where they can be positioned during the ceremony itself. Only direct photography of the signed marriage certificate is not usually permitted.

As the choice of venues is broad for a Civil Ceremony, photographers often usually benefit from good lighting and spacious grounds to take follow-up group shots.

On the down side, Civil Ceremonies are over quickly, so a professional photographer must work quickly to get the best shots and efficiently as there is often more than one wedding ceremony back-to-back.

If you really want an unusual setting for your wedding day a Civil Ceremony provides a lot of freedom and many wedding venues across Kent are licensed to hold marriages on their premises which makes the logistics of the wedding day much easier for all involved.